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Iviora Moringa BioEnzymes
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Moringa Oleifera "The Miracle Tree" or "The Real Superfoods" as a nutrient powerhouse and superfood. Moringa Oleifera is a tree and eating the various parts of that tree is said to have many health benefits [Featured By DR. MEHMET OZ] and have been used to combat malnutrition, and is a truly balanced nutritional superfoods designed by nature for nourishing and healing the body and mind.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has undertaken scientific researches on the Moringa plant, and has come to the conclusion that it is extremely nutritional and medicinal. Moringa Oleifera can be an exceptional source of nutrition for all ages and has been endorsed by numerous institutions for daily consumption and as a mechanism for treating malnutrition.



Why Choose Iviora Moringa Bioenymes?


Benefits of Iviora Moringa Bioenymes

  • Enriched with 17 digestive enymes for healthy digestion
  • Rich in Phytonutrients complex
  • High in alkaline and balance body PH
  • High in ORAC and antioxidants
  • Enhance with 2 types of detoxification system
  • Help neutralize and flushes toxins from human body through urination
  • Regulate bowel movement
  • Promote nutrients absorption and transport to every cel of the body
  • Promote and strengthen immune system regulation
  • Help increase energy and stamina
  • Enhance in nourishing and healing the body and mind
  • Help promote healthy skin
  • Rich in nutrition for infants, pregnant woman and nursing mothers




17 Digestive Enzymes, Nutriose, Konjac, Psyllium Husk

  • Help promoteo porper and healthy disgestion 17 digestive enzymes
  • Help inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid through intestine 
  • Improve intestinal environment and promote bifidobacteria (Friendly Bacteria) 
  • Enhance the abillity in cleaning intestinal colon

Moringa, Milk Thistle, Dandelion

  • Powerful combination of liver detoxification protection through urination
  • Help soften and improve bowel movement
  • Enhance detoxify tisins and unwanted chemicals from inside out espcially liver and kidney
  • Help promote healthy liver function naturally such as alcohol related liver disease, chronic hepatitis and gall bladder

FOS & GOS (Prebiotic), Bifidosbacterium Longum BB536

  • Promote nutrients absorption with excellent amino acids to the cells and restore body enzymes
  • Help promote healthy cuculatiry system and improve energy and stamina 
  • Improve metabolism and develop a healthy bod, liver and kidney for a stringer ummune system 
  • Help in balance body PH

Pine Bark

  • Powerful antioxidants (ORAC) and improve delivery of oxygen to cell 
  • Help rejuvenate and strengthen blood vessels
  • Refresh the brain function and the entire bodu for a healthy lifestyle 
  • Help in slowing aging and improve healthy skin
What is so unique about Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes? Iviora Moringa bioenymes is formulated by 5 elements (Enymes, Fibre, Prebiotic, and Anti-oxidants) with 4 unique progress (Digest, Detox, Restore and Rejuvenate) and contain Moringa Oleifera (The Miracle Tree) with 46 anti-inflammatory compound, 18 amino acids, multi Vitamin, multi Minerals, and other nutrients that can restore the natural immune and regenerative abilities of your body to fight against all kind of illness and disease. It also high alkaline that effective and efficient in balance body PH.
Is Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes suitable for everyone? Definitely suitable and safe to consume by adult and children above 12 years old. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes formulation is clinically proven with natural and patented ingredients. It provides an optimum health benefits with combination of Moringa Oleifera Powder, 17 Digestive enzymes, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Bifidosbacterium Longum BB536, FOS, GOS, Konjac, Nutriose and Psyllium Husk.
Is Iviora Moringa Bioenzyme safe for daily consumption? Yes, It is safe for daily consumption because its fully natural, caffeine free, laxative free and without any preservative, artificial coloring, animal contain and produced base on KKM guideline (Food Act 1983 & Food Regulations 1985).
Direction of Use
Direction of Use Mix 1 sachet instantly with warm water (150ml±), Stir well before serving. Take 1-2 times a day after meals.

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